“Great design is the foundation of great business” M.Cobanli



JOHO J.F.H Industrial (Jiaxing) was established in 2002, located in the northern part of Zhejiang, China – Jiaxing. Jiaxing is sat in the middle of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou three southern cities, famous for its historical and cultural elements. Inheritance more than 30 years expertise and experience accumulated RGS (Taiwan headquarter) making JOHO to become a first-rate manufacture of public seating and seating solution.


We are committed to provide high-quality seating solutions for auditorium, conference centers, cinemas, schools, stadiums and many other public spaces. With todays changing needs of modern spaces and architectural design. We are compatible for space planning, custom designing and on-site installation for seating products. We always seek new innovative technology and materials to develop a better product and design to stand the test of time.


A great city is made of architecture. People are using its spaces and voids under the buildings to interact with and learn from each other; also they express themselves through stories. A space can foster a world changing though. This is why we dedicate ourselves in seating design in order to fulfill these spaces.


JOHO insists sustainable management. The idea is to continue the research and develop a attractive and a good chair design. Our practical spirit is to establish a humanist working culture, to make good use of resources, and innovation unceasingly. In addition, we will always pursue high quality services, and provide refined products. JOHO willing to work and create a happy future hand in hand with you

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