JOHO believes that in addition to running a successful business, it is also important to be responsible to our customers, employees and the environment. Since JOHO’s establishment, we have always maintained our labor’s welfare, benefits, together with their health and a safety-working environment. We request our internal management system to strictly conform to international ISO9001 and ISO1400 standard.



Health and safety


Our goal is to engage the idea of searching for carbon neutral production. It is our obligation to develop green products putting toxic wastes to a minimum and using materials that are recyclable. This therefore creates a win-win interactive relationship between the worker and the customer. Simultaneously, all staff will be responsible for its own job and area, so that it prevents events from occurring.



Green products


The green policy in RGS is: during the chair & seats design, make sure that we reduce the possible pollution to the environment in the production process, at the same time promise product durability. To cut down on paper usage, RGS uses a variety of software applications where possible. Recycling paper is used for our brochure design, as RGS is a company that strongly emphasis’s environmental friendly products.

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